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Elegant Sewing Machine Cover [ Printable version ]

Elegant Sewing Machine Cover

Elegant Sewing Machine Cover

Finished Size: approx 18in x 14in  (46cm x 35cm)


1 Bernina Sewing Machine silk print
Fabric A - pink - 10cm (4")strip
Fabric B - pink floral - 10cm (4") strip
Fabric C - pink silk - 5cm (2") strip
Fabric D - Black Floral 10cm (4") strip plus a 20cm (8in) sq.
Fabric E - deep pink - 10cm (4") strip
Fabric F - mauve - 15cm (6") strip
Fabric G - Purple - This is a decorator fabric and measurements are based on a width of 150cm (60") width
                      - 30cm (12")
lining - 70cm (3/4yd) of a cotton fabric to match
cotton wadding - 60cm (24in)


Cutting guide for the fabrics.(note all measurements include 1/4in seam allowance).

Trim the silk panel to measure 7in x 7 1/2in

Fabric A (F-A) cut 2 pieces 2 1/2in x 11 1/2in
                          2 pieces 3in x 5 1/2in

Fabric B (F-B)  cut 2 pieces 2in x 11 1/2in
                          2 pieces 2in x 3in
                          2 pieces 2in x 7in

Fabric C (F-C)  cut 2 pieces 2in x 11 1/2in

Fabric D (F-D)  cut 2 pieces 2in x 3in
                     cut 2 pieces 3in x 5 1/2in
                     cut 2 pieces 3in x 7in
                     cut 1 piece 7 1/2in x 7in

Fabric E (F-E)   cut 2 pieces 2in x 3in
                      cut 2 pieces 2in x 7in

Fabric F (F-F)   cut 2 pieces 5in x 10 1/2in

Fabric G (F-G)   cut 2 pieces 3in x 7 1/2in
                  Gusset - see in the instructions for gusset size
                   Binding - 2 1/2in x at least 52in

Lining Fabric - This will be cut to match your front and gusset measurements.


Note that a 1/4in seam allowance is used throughout.

Piece together two sections following the piecing diagram at right. Press the seams away from the centre square, and press all seams as you go. Use the silk print as the major piece on the right side and use the black floral as the major piece on the back section.

Please measure your sewing machine with the hard cover on so that you can be sure that your piece will be large enough.

If you need to add extra strips to create the correct size, do so now.

Baste the pieces you have created to the cotton wadding and quilt, using decorative stitches from your wonderful Bernina sewing machine, across all the seams. Use suitable matching machine embroidery threads for this step. Neaten the edges, and cut a curve at the top left and right corners of each piece. ( see diagram)

Use these pieces to cut two pieces of lining fabric. Set these aside.

Measure across the cover of your machine to get the length of the gusset. Measure the width also.

Cut your gusset to suit your machine. Our measurement was 9' wide x 44in long. (including the seam allowance).

Baste the gusset piece to wadding and machine quilt several rows lengthwise down this piece at 1 1/2in  spacings. This could be a decorative stitch if you wish.

With right sides together, pin the gusset to the one of your pieces , starting at the bottom edge, across the top and down the second side to the bottom edge again.. Stitch using the 1/4in seam allowance.

Pin the second side in place to match and stitch as before.

Make the lining in the same way.

With wrong sides together pin the lining into the machine cover, and catch the lining to the main piece at the top along the seams,stitching by hand. This will hold the lining in place and can be done by hand.


Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press. Stitch the binding around the lower edge of the machine cover. Turn the binding to the inside and slipstitch into place.


Make three ribbon pansies and three ribbon leaves.

Hand stitch the pansies and leaves, buttons and lace embellishment into place.

We hope that you enjoy using your delightful Sewing Machine Cover.


A complete kit of fabrics, lining fabric, buttons, lace embellishment, ribbons and Vintage Bernina Silk Print is available 
Cost $192.00

or you can order:

A kit of fabrics  $35

Silk Print          $30

Lining fabric      $15

Pansy Buttons   $90

Lace Piece (dyed)  $12

Pansy Ribbon      $10

Postage on all of these items will depend on where you live.




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